General Practitioner – Internal and diabetological specialist practice

Dres. med. Dogan, Grade, Thiemeier
Alt-Tempelhof 24
12103 Berlin

Phone: 030 75 77 30 0

Monday to Thursday
8 – 12 am & 3 – 6 pm

8 – 12 am & 3 – 5 pm

Dr. med. Anna-Lena Dogan
Internal Medicine

Helen Grade
Internal Medicine

Dr. med. Jan Thiemeier
Internal Medicine and Diabetology

General Practitioner Berlin Alt-Tempelhof

Our practice specializes in internal medicine and the treatment of diabetes, as well as general illness prevention and support for the maintenance of holistic health.

Our practice team includes Helen Grade and Dr. Anna-Lena Dogan, specialists for Internal Medicine, and Dr. Jan Thiemeier, Specialist for Internal Medicine and Diabetes, along with five medical assistants.

Our specialty practice and academic teaching practice at the Charité hospital offers comprehensive general practitioner care as well as an array of therapies for specific conditions and diseases.

We pride ourselves on offering unparalleled attention and time for every patient who visits us and seek to understand the individual needs of all who are under our care.

We are so glad you found us! We look forward to hearing from you and finding out how we can best support your health needs.

Helen Grade, Dr. med. Anna-Lena Dogan & Dr. med. Jan Thiemeier

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Specialist in diabetology

Dr. med. Jan Thiemeier